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Intel 440LX AGP Chipset - 66 MHz Front Side Bus

Intel 440LX AGPset

The Intel 440LX AGPset introduced Accelerated Graphics Port capability to the Intel architecture PC platform. This popular chip set provides a fundamental building block for balanced platform performance in a wide variety of Pentium II processor-based desktop systems.

This chip set is a great solution for designers who wish to improve performance in volume desktop PCs, especially with data or memory-intensive applications such as multimedia graphics and video that require concurrent data transfers within the system.

The Intel 440LX AGPset also supports a manageable client or server in networked business computing environments to reduce the total cost of ownership.

The Intel 440LX AGPset introduced Intel's Quad Port Acceleration optimization for the Pentium II processor. Enhanced features include distributed arbitration and support for up to four outstanding transactions from the CPU in the buffer.

Today's Intel 440LX AGPset Highlights
  • High-volume, high-quality platform
  • Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) improves overall system bandwidth for superior 3D graphics and video performance
  • SDRAM support enables faster memory reads and writes and supports faster data streaming between the Pentium II processor and graphics controller
  • Dynamic Power Management Architecture (DPMA) enables enhanced power management and fast resume from powered-down states
  • Ultra DMA/33 improves access to all IDE devices including hard disk drives and supports smoother audio/video performance
  • Quality and reliability of Intel's pre-silicon simulations and post-silicon validation processes
  • World-class manufacturing and support capabilities
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