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3D Wall View

Cloud Backup: Hitachi’s Life Studio Mobile Plus, Tested
By , Achim Roos


You use Cooliris to view data content. Whether or not this tool meets your personal taste is for you to decide. It's quite easy to view simple content structures, but checking out a large photo collection with the original camera file names quickly becomes challenging.

The Second Account

The login button on the main screen has nothing to do with the cloud, but requires a separate Cooliris account.

The registration process could be smoother. Despite the error messages, we did receive confirmation links when registering, but these emails all landed in our spam folder. It's not that hard to follow some basic rules in order to bypass spam detection, and less experienced users in particular may depend on properly delivered email.

We would have preferred an alternative visualization method to the wall. Users archiving a few photos and music will get used to it pretty fast, but power users with a variety of file types that are not all multimedia files will be frustrated by the lack of an overview.

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