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Benchmark Results: Content Creation

Core i7-2820QM: Sandy Bridge Shines In Notebooks

Overall, the Core i7-2820QM puts up a strong fight against the desktop processors. What it lacks in raw clock speeds, it seems to be making up by way of its higher Turbo Boost range.

In Blender, we specifically see how insufficient dual-core processors are for content creation, as the Arrandale-based Core i5-540M falls to last place. The Clarkdale-based Core i5-655K and the Sandy Bridge-based Core i3-2100 fare no better, which reiterates our contention that you need something with at least three/four cores if you really plan to be efficient at content creation.

Lame is simply more sensitive to clock speeds and it isn't multi-threaded, which explains why the Core i7-2820QM falls just behind the Core i5-2400.

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