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Productivity Benchmarks

Cyberpower’s Gamer Dragon: Can AMD Bring The Game?

Nothing new to see here, as the overclocked Phenom II 955 is struggling to keep pace with the stock Core i7-920.

The overclocked Gamer Dragon manages to score a slim victory against the stock Core i7-920 here, but when overclocked, the Intel CPU easily regains the win.

AVG shows what appears to be an architectural preference for the Intel Core i7 (attributable to Hyper-Threading and the ability to divvy the workload into eight threads), with the CPU’s overclock making little difference in the application.

But enough application tests, as we all know that the Core i7 is faster than the Phenom II. What we really want to see is whether or not the Gamer Dragon's ace in the hole, its pair of Radeon HD 4890 cards in CrossFire, can wipe the floor with those GeForce GTX 260 cards in SLI.

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