Cyberpower’s Gamer Dragon: Can AMD Bring The Game?

Game Benchmarks: Crysis

Here, my friends, is where we will start to uncover the awful truth: while the Phenom II X4 955 is a fine processor for the money, the Core i7-920 simply outclasses it when it comes to gaming. Keep in mind that the Gamer Dragon wields an overclocked Phenom II 955 at 3.6 GHz, and it’s still CPU bottlenecked below the stock Core i7-920.

On the bright side, the Cyberpower Gamer Dragon is showing us consistent, playable frame rates at about 50 frames per second (FPS). This is not a bad result in Crysis at high details by any stretch of the imagination. Let’s kick up the detail to the maximum setting that Crysis allows and see if things look better for the Gamer Dragon and its AMD internals:

Things are much closer now, and at 1920x1200, the performance disparity between the Gamer Dragon and the SBM system is only two or so FPS. Even at higher resolutions, the overclocked Gamer Dragon is keeping up with the stock Core i7-920. But the overclocked Core i7-920 is achieving higher performance.

So far, it looks like the Core i7-920 system’s slower video cards are giving nothing up to the overclocked Phenom II and its dual Radeon HD 4890 cards in the Gamer Dragon PC. Performance is close at high resolutions, so there’s no huge victory for either system. Although the Core i7-920 does appear to be more attractive in general, performance in Crysis is very good on both of these machines.