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CPU Performance: Core i5-470UM

Asus' Eee Slate EP121/B121: A Windows 7-Based Tablet PC

Geekbench is a synthetic metric similar to SiSoftware's Sandra. We're using Geekbench because it runs on multiple platforms. That means we can use it to make apples to apples comparisons against other x86-based devices. If you want to go into more depth with our results than what we're providing here, the detailed breakdown is posted to Google Docs.

Even though the Eee Slate centers on an older platform, this benchmark epitomizes the difference between the x86 architecture and ARM's RISC ISA. We already know that the ARM-based designed are very power-friendly, but it's interesting to note how it sizes up to Atom and gets blown away by the desktop-derived, but ultra-low voltage Arrandale-based Core i5.

Granted, while the Eee Slate's CPU is much faster, it needs that performance in order to cope with running a full-blown desktop operating system.

The memory tests in Geekbench demonstrate the gap that separates the Cortex-A9-based iPads and Intel's Core i5-470UM in memory performance. Of course, remember that the Core i5's memory controller is on-package, but not on the same die as the processing cores. Moreover, the Eee Slate achieves less than half of the score as the Sandy Bridge-based Core i5-2520M, which does, in fact, boast an on-die dual-channel memory controller.

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