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P55 Extreme4 BIOS, Overclocking And Accessories

USB 3.0 To The Front Panel: ASRock Leads The Way
P55 Extreme4 Basic O/C Settings
BIOS Version1.42 (08-20-2010)
CPU Core0.87-1.60 Volts (6.25 mV), 100-300 MHz BCLK (1 MHz)
CPU IMC0.815-1.61 Volts (15 mV), Auto Frequency by DRAM
Memory1.25-2.065 V (10 mV), 3x-6x BCLK (1x)
Memory TimingtCL 6-11, tRCD 3-15, tRP 3-15, tRAS 9-31 Cycles (1c)
Chipset1.065-1.49 Volts PCH (10 mV)

The P55 Extreme4 might use added features as its main selling point, but it really appears to be designed for low-budget overclocking enthusiasts.

We had no problem clocking our CPU up to 4.00 GHz at relatively low voltage, but were shocked by the amount of added voltage ASRock’s automatic overclocking utility thought we might need to get there.

Like other ASRock motherboards, the P55 Extreme4 allows up to three BIOS configurations to be stored as user-defined profiles.

Unlike several other models, the P55 Extreme4’s entire range of memory timing controls fit on one page. There are still more adjustments than most users need, however.

It’s not the BIOS, but the voltage regulator that makes us think of the P55 Extreme4 as an overclocking board. With ferrite chokes on ten phases, it’s likely the best design in ASRock’s arsenal.

A single SLI bridge and a two-port USB 3.0 to 3.5” bay adapter highlight an otherwise ordinary installation kit. Only four SATA cables are included, in spite of the board’s ten internal connectors.

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