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NZXT Panzerbox

Five Gaming Enclosures, Rounded Up

Average Online Price: $120

This small, airy case has a number of unique features that compliment its stylishness. It's a short, deep enclosure that's mostly porous for improved airflow, and it's full of fans and more.

The interior of the case is almost free from any of the compartmentalization characterizing some of its competitors here. You mount the motherboard, the power supply, and just about everything else in the same, large opening. There are only three fans cooling the cavity, but they're big: on top and in front are 190mm speed-controllable monsters, and a 120mm fan is in the rear. The front ports include two USB ports, an eSATA port, and audio jacks.

Three external 5.25" bays and four internal 3.5" bays make up the enclosure's storage capacity. They're all easy to use and mount drives in. The motherboard tray slides out the rear with a minimum of screw turns.

The power supply mounts on its side near the motherboard. It's an interesting and different mounting position, and there's room for big PSUs.

Building in the Panzerbox was fun and unusual. It's definitely a conversation piece. Using mostly thumb screws, it's nearly all tool-free.

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