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Benchmark Results: World in Conflict

GeForce GTS 250: Nvidia's G92 Strikes Again

Without AA or AF, the minor overclock and extra 512 MB of memory make no difference in setting the GeForce GTS 250 apart from the GeForce GTX 9800+ that came before it. And the GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 board is faster at 1920x1200 than either G92-based card at 1280x1024.

At the same time, the GTS 250 is able to outpace AMD’s Radeon HD 4850 with 512 MB. It takes a Radeon HD 4870 512 MB in order to best the “new” Nvidia card.

The results are similar once AA and AF are turned on. The GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 extends its lead, no doubt thanks to significantly more memory bandwidth than the two G92-based cards. Once again, the GeForce GTS 250 falls in between the performance of AMD’s Radeon HD 4850 and 4870 cards.

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