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Benchmark Results: Just Cause 2

The GeForce GTX 480 Update: 3-Way SLI, 3D Vision, And Noise

I had hoped to spend a little more time with Just Cause 2 before the GeForce GTX 480 launch, but simply ran out of time to continue benchmarking. Thus, I’ve added it here.

Perhaps the first thing that jumps out at you in the 1680x1050 test is AMD’s superiority, which just doesn’t seem right for a TWIMTBP game. There’s a good explanation for this, though. Just Cause is PhysX-enabled, so the GPU Water Simulation and Bokeh filter are both options on Nvidia cards, and simply unavailable to Radeon owners. We aren’t able to directly compare the results from competing vendors—we’re limited to looking at SLI and CrossFire scaling, independently.

The good news for Radeon owners is that, while this title was developed with Nvidia’s help, performance remains strong on the 5870 right up to 2560x1600. But AMD can’t keep up with the scaling realized on a pair of GeForce GTX 480s at that resolution. The addition of a third card helps boost frame rates a bit, but not by enough to justify another $500+, in my opinion.

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