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Benchmark Results: Metro 2033

The GeForce GTX 480 Update: 3-Way SLI, 3D Vision, And Noise

In another throwback to the GeForce GTX 480 review, Metro 2033 debuted as a real performance ball-buster. Despite driver updates from both Nvidia and AMD, it still hammers frame rates by virtue of DirectX 11 (specifically DirectCompute-based) optimizations.

At 1680x1050, we’re already seeing frame rates so low as to be almost unplayable on a single Radeon HD 5870 or GeForce GTX 480. Dropping in a second card helps in both cases, while a third card does virtually nothing for the GeForce GTX 480.

Stepping up to 1920x1200 hits performance even harder, and adding a second card to either graphics subsystem profoundly improves frame rates. The third card again does little for the GeForce GTX 480 setup. More notable, perhaps, is that AMD’s performance completely falls off with MSAA enabled.

Not even the GeForce GTX 480s are immune to this game’s extreme demands at 2560x1600 with AA turned on. It looks like this combination of settings will remain an unattainable benchmark for a while yet. While the Radeon HD 5870s choke even under the influence of AAA, two and three GTX 480s are at least able to serve up modest performance here.

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