The Iceman Cometh: P4 at 4.1 GHz

Archiving: WinACE 2.2

Zipping files is a process that relates closely to everyday computing. With the help of the new WinACE 2.2 zip program, we zipped a 178 MB WAV file in Windows XP and measured how long it took. Although the 4.0 GHz P4 completed the task in 157 seconds, the 3.6 GHz P4 took only 143 seconds. The reason is easy to understand. 522 MHz Rambus memory is unbeatable for this task and simply has a higher performance.

3D-Rendering: Newtek Lightwave 7.5

The benefits of the optimization measures implemented in the Pentium 4 processors became very apparent with the Lightwave benchmark. The P4/ 4.0 sets a new record. The scene is ready in just 140 seconds, while the 3.06 GHz P4 takes 40 seconds longer.

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