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Benchmark Results: CrystalDiskMark Streaming Performance

Intel SSD 310 80 GB: Little Notebooks Get Big Storage Flexibility

We recently added CrystalDiskMark to our benchmark suite after discovering an issue with h2bench2’s write testing methodology and the way it interacted with SandForce-based SSDs.

It’s important to explain differences in the way that Iometer and CrystalDiskMark measure performance here. Iometer doesn’t use completely random data in its write test, giving the SandForce-based drives a large advantage. We configure CrystalDiskMark to use completely random data. Our previous results confirmed that the latter was more difficult for SandForce’s DuraClass architecture to compress.

Our results here demonstrate the performance difference when the SandForce drives work with data less conducive to optimization. Intel's drive still trails by a significant figure, but it closes the gap comparatively. More surprising is how well the Seagate drive holds up against Intel's mSATA-based SSD.

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