Lord Kryo - Part 2: 24 CPU Coolers in Review

Fan Revolutions: From 3300 Rpm To 6700 Rpm

High revolutions automatically cause high noise levels.

The diagram above lists the revolutions per minute for the fan in each cooling system. The Swiftech MC370-0A and the Global Win FNP50 show the highest rpm with at least 6700 rpm. In the previous test, we measured the revolutions using only the motherboard sensor; this time we also used a stroboscope and measuring strips.

Noise Control's Silverado exhibits the lowest rpm in the test with 3300 rpm and therefore has the quietest fan in the group. Noise Control equips the encapsulated cooler with two fans. The company Thermal Take uses a design with two fans in the form of its Super Orb, which, however, is by no means as efficient and well constructed as that of the Silverado. The Super Orb's inner fan propeller spins at 4600 rpm, while the outer propeller spins at 6400 rpm.

To sum it up, values above 5000 rpm always result in a high level of noise, this being caused by air turbulence between the guide vane and the rotating vane.

New measuring method: Using a stroboscope, we determined the exact number of revolutions of all fans.

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