Lord Kryo - Part 2: 24 CPU Coolers in Review

Looking At The New Test Candidates

Altogether, six new coolers joined the previously examined models. From a technical standpoint, Noise Control's Silverado clearly stands out from the other 23 test candidates. At the same time, it is the only product to display any sort of innovation.

All the other coolers tested are merely enhanced and optimised versions of the conventional design. Still, a clear trend is noticeable regarding CPU coolers for powerful processors: Increasingly complex and sophisticated coolers are available on the market, which are especially suitable for fast CPUs up to 2000 MHz. Such solutions are expensive not only because of the increased costs for high-grade materials but also due to rising costs for development.

One look at the top group of this comparison reveals common aspects that guarantee effective cooling: High processing quality, a snug contact to the CPU and the use of precious metals such as copper or silver. Most products, at least those from Taiwanese manufacturers, don't even come close to this type of quality.

3DFX Cool Socket-AHO-Fan: Upper Midfield

Striking: The blue heat sink of the 3DFX Cool. The calculated performance of the cooler is in the upper midfield.

The informed user might suspect that the graphic card manufacturer of the same name, which recently closed its business, is behind this model name. In any case, the name 3DFX Cool makes for a good marketing strategy, though the former innovative graphic chip designer from San Jose actually has nothing to do with it.

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