Lord Kryo - Part 2: 24 CPU Coolers in Review

Effective Cooling Temperature Range: Between 30°C And 54°C

A vast spectrum: The cooling temperatures range from 30°C to 54°C.

The most essential criterion when purchasing a CPU cooler is the attainable cooling temperature at the CPU surface. While the Swiftech MC370-0A emerged as clear victor previously with a cooling temperature of 35°C, the scenario looked a bit different this time with the six new candidates.

To name just one of the surprising results: Swiftech's new MC462 significantly outperformed the already powerful MC370-0A. The Swiftech MC462 cools the CPU surface of an AMD 1000 to a minimal 30°C. The CPU is at least 5 degrees cooler than when using the "little" Swiftech - the MC370-0A. Another newcomer also offers excellent cooling: The Silverado by Noise Control astounds with innovative engineering and a heatsink design that completely deviates from traditional ones. It cools the Athlon processor to 37 degrees.

In general, models that can decrease the temperature to below 40°C are suitable for overclocking. Just how much of a difference these coolers make when compared with the cheap solution (i.e., the no-name standard cooler) is shown quite plainly in this diagram. The no-name cooler reduces the temperature to 54°C, while the top candidate (the Swiftech MC462) accomplishes a sensational 30°C. This fact alone reflects the enormous range of cooling capabilities among the various models, a range that cannot be judged merely from appearances.

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