Lord Kryo - Part 2: 24 CPU Coolers in Review

3DFX Cool Socket-AHO-Fan: Upper Midfield, Continued

The 3DFX Cool is the only cooler equipped with protective bars above the fan preventing the entry of bigger items.

The cooler visually stands out in the test field because of its blue-coated aluminium heat sink. The manufacturer has given this cooler a large fan, which works pretty well: Weighing a mere 238 grams, the 3DFX Cool accomplishes a significantly better cooling temperature than the P Alpha, which weighs only 10 grams less. Apart from that, the cooler is rather non-descript and based on the conventional standard design.

The 3DFX Cool is well suited as replacement for the standard cooler of a PC and not well suited for overclocking.
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