Lord Kryo - Part 2: 24 CPU Coolers in Review

Design Guide By AMD: Interaction With The PC Case

The design of the cooler is not the only factor that contributes to optimum CPU cooling. The construction of the PC case is also crucial for producing a strong airflow to cool the components. The picture above shows the cross-section of a PC case where the air is sucked in from the back and guided through the chassis, exiting at the front. The second picture shows the Socket 462 with holes for mounting coolers directly onto the motherboard. This is a solution with a future and, among the test candidates, used only by Swiftech (MC462).

The design guide by AMD provides for a special arrangement of the components in the PC case. The openings in the case for inflow and outflow of air have to be ensured.

Drilled holes on the Socket 462: All boards for AMD Athlon and Duron incorporate these holes for mounting coolers.
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