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Kingston microSDHC Card (Class 10, 4/8/16 GB)

Round-Up: 15 microSDHC Cards, Benchmarked And Reviewed
By , Achim Roos

Memory specialist Kingston offers microSDHC cards in the Class 4 and Class 10 categories. Our three test candidates, capable of storing 4, 8, and 16 GB, belong to the latter group.

Kingston also offers a Class 10 card able to hold 32 GB, but did not send us a sample. Kingston advertises compatibility with the SD 2.00 card spec and offers a lifetime warranty. We appreciate that Kingston includes a host adapter, which allows using microSDHC cards in SHDC card readers.

Kingston conservatively claims 10 MB/s write performance, which is the minimum for Class 10. Our benchmarks show that the 16 GB card especially is quite fast. While it matches both of the smaller Kingston cards in sequential read speed, it bests them in nearly all other benchmarks. This is particularly evident in the sequential write benchmark, where the 16 GB card achieves 19.2 MB/s, while both of the other Kingston cards only demonstrate a measly 9.5 MB/s. The two lower-capacity Kingston cards wind up in the lower average of the 15-card field, but the 16 GB model is definitely one of the fastest cards.

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