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Results: Grid 2

MSI GT60 2PC Dominator Review: A Fast Notebook With Battery Boost

Grid 2’s built-in benchmark doesn’t generate its own framerate-over-time chart, so we’re treating it separately from the other gaming benchmarks.

Since we’ve already proven the usefulness of Battery Boost in maintaining playable performance at power-saving clock rates, we'll simply point out that it pegs 30 FPS at all four of our test resolutions in the GeForce GTX 870M-equipped, battery-powered MSI GT60 2PC Dominator.

Of course, Battery Boost can’t make the GPU perform beyond its peak, so we see similar performance at 5760x1080 using the Ultra preset on the plugged-in and unplugged GT60 configurations. Not that anyone would really take the time to plug in three monitors without taking the time to plug in the notebook’s power adapter as well...

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