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Component Installation

System Builder Marathon, Sept. 2010: $2000 Performance PC

Interchangeable screw-on brackets allow Scythe’s Mugen 2 Revision B to fit multiple socket types. We left the protective plastic on the cooler below so that readers would see the warning “Peel off before installation,” guidance we followed immediately after taking the photo.

Rather than use the motherboard’s factory-supplied brackets, Scythe’s installation kit mounts through its holes. Our installation began by removing the original bracket.

We then dropped the Phenom II X6 1055T CPU into the Socket AM3 interface, as shown in our "How to Build a PC" story.

After applying thermal paste to the CPU, we flipped the NF980-GD65 motherboard to swap in the replacement support plate. This rather tedious process requires builders to hold the CPU cooler in place atop the CPU with one hand, align it’s the motherboard to its mounting holes with a second hand, insert screws through the support plate and motherboard with a third hand, and drive the screws into the CPU cooler with a fourth hand (Ed.: It's a good thing you're a mutant!)

An extraordinary amount of dexterity is required from builders with fewer than four hands, though using a desk or workbench to hold the cooler is a good start. Alternatively, this might be a good time to have a friend handy.

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