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Component Installation, Continued

System Builder Marathon, Sept. 2010: $2000 Performance PC

We installed G.Skill’s F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL memory prior to clipping on the CPU cooling fan, due to overlapped mounting space. The cooler allows its fan to slide up and down by around one-half of an inch to accommodate medium-height memory covers.

Hardware installation went quickly from this point, though a system this complex does have a great many cables to manage. Note that the two graphics cards are shoved together because the motherboard’s third x16-length slot has only eight pathways.

Even though the back of the motherboard is on top, the power supply and intake fans surround it in a similar fashion to traditional cases. This design turns the usual front-to-back airflow into bottom-to-top, allowing convection to assist in case cooling.

The Raven RV02’s top panel snaps off easily to attach cables, which then exit from under the installed panel through a hole under its rear edge.

The complete system looks great, though some users might want to show off internal components by substituting in lighted fans.

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