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P67 Motherboard Roundup: Nine $150-200 Boards

Jetway’s Aptio UEFI is a little earlier in the development stage than that of its competitors, lacking so much as a differentiation between it and Intel’s H67 version. Several settings for the CPU’s graphics controller are thus blacked-out or ineffective, but have not yet been removed.

Intel Turbo Boost doesn’t work on this firmware revision, making changes to its multipliers ineffective. We look forward to a revision that will fix this quirk.

A second menu has redundant multiplier settings, plus BCLK and CPU Voltage. While CPU Voltage changes were ineffective, BCLK overclocking was top-rate. This gives us even more hope for a revised UEFI.

The HI08’s memory menu has a few more settings than those of competing ECS and Foxconn motherboards, but lacks any “auto” mode for timings.

Jetway enabled a separate voltage menu for its chipset, memory controller, and memory bus. Good memory overclocking results appear to indicate that at least the DIMM voltage works. Again, we look forward to future updates to Jetway’s firmware.

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