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Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ (1 TB)

Samsung Spinpoint F1 HDDs: New Winners?

The HD103UJ is the top model of Samsung's new Spinpoint F1 family. While all are based on the same data density (350 GB per platter), rotation speed (7200 RPM) and interface (SATA/300), only the 1000 GB and 750 GB models have the full 32 MB of cache memory.

Samsung specifies an 8.9 ms seek time, which results in an effective average access time (including rotational latency) of 14.2 ms. Compared to Seagate (12.7 ms) and Hitachi (13.8 ms), this is clearly slower, but the result is still better than the 15.0/15.1 ms access time of the Western Digital Caviar GP.

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