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Assembly And BIOS

Shuttle’s SX58H7 Ultra-Portable Core i7 Platform

The XPC model SX58H7 is said to be both CrossFire- and SLI-compatible, but Shuttle included only the CrossFire bridge in our sample. Two SATA cables are pre-mounted in the case, while the third is supplied in the accessory kit.

Included but not shown are a screw pack and driver CD.

Shuttle’s SX58H7 has enough room even for our super-tall Kingston ULT1 memory modules under its drive tray.

Zotac’s GeForce GTX 260² 896 MB has become our most recent benchmarking standard card, and it fits quite nicely.

There’s even enough room for a GeForce GTX 295 or, if you prefer, a Radeon HD 4870 X2.


Shuttle provides an extremely simple “Frequency/Voltage Functions” menu that still contains all the settings most overclockers require. Our only limitation was in memory speed selection, which is a problem Shuttle promises to address quickly.

BIOS Frequency and Voltage settings (for overclocking)

CPU Reference Clock

100 to 250 MHz (1 MHz)

CPU Multiplier


DRAM Ratios

DDR3-800, DDR3-1066

PCIe Clock

100 to 150 MHz (1 MHz)

CPU Vcore

0.850 to 1.80 Volts (0.025 V)

CPU VTT (Uncore) Volts

1.125 to 1.80 Volts (0.025 V)

IOH (Northbridge) Core

1.125 to 2.00 volts (0.025 V)

ICH (Southbridge) Core

1.125 to 2.00 volts (0.025 V)

DRAM Voltage

1.525 to 1.900 Volts (0.025 V)


tCAS:5-10; tRCD: 5-10; tRP: 5-10; tRAS: 14-28

All of these function fit into a single menu that requires only a two-page scroll to view in its entirety.

The XPC SX58H7 also has a “User Habit Auto Set” sub-menu capable of storing two custom-BIOS configurations.

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