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Tom's Hardware Storage Bench And PCMark 7

Intel SSD 335 240 GB Review: Driving Down Prices With 20 nm NAND

Storage Bench v1.0 (Background Info)

Storage Bench v1.0 is our home-grown trace, which replays the first two weeks of I/O activity on a desktop workstation. Because it includes several software installations, the trace incorporates quite a bit of compressible and incompressible sequentially-written information.

The 240 GB SSD 335 appears to be just a hair slower than the 180 and 240 GB SSD 330 drives. For all intents and purposes, however, we'll consider them equivalent.

PCMark 7

PCMark 7 involves more compressible data, which is why the SandForce-based drives jump out in front. Again, the 240 GB SSD 335 is very similar to the SSD 330 before it.

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