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Application Benchmarks - 2d And 3d Rendering

System Builder Marathon: Low-Cost System

The first image rendering benchmark we'll have a look at is the Photoshop CS3 benchmark where 6 complex filters are applied to a large 96 MB TIFF.

The low-cost system finishes the benchmark in exactly 3 minutes. It will be interesting to see how quickly the mid-range and high-end systems perform the same task.

Next we examine 3d rendering speeds with 3dStudio MAX 9 and Cinema 4d.

We can say from personal experience that this result is almost 50% faster than the dual core E6750 performs on a test machine in the lab. It is known that 3dsMAX is multithread-optimized so having four CPU cores really helped the Phenom 9500 in this benchmark, and the quad-core Phenom really shines as the heart of a low-cost PC in applications such as 3dsMAX.

The low-cost system renders the scene in just over 3 minutes. Once again, we patiently wait for the mid-range and high-end results for comparison.

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