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SandForce: Incompressible Performance

60/64 GB SSD Shootout: Crucial, Samsung, And SandForce

SandForce’s technology is particularly effective when it comes to dealing with compressible data. However, some of the information with which you interact cannot be compressed down. In those situations, the DuraClass engine does not yield the same impressive write throughput.

Incompressible Sequential Writes (example tasks: Copying/Creating Multimedia, Archive Manipulation, Encryption, Some Gameplay)

The 64 GB m4 and 64 GB 830 offer fairly even sequential write speeds, regardless of the data type you put through them. Hence, they're not plotted.

However, when you compare compressible (solid line) with incompressible (dotted line) data on the SandForce-based drives, it's clear that they take a huge hit in some workloads. Both of the 60 GB drives drop under 80 MB/s, down from more than 300 MB/s.

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