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Desktop Linux For The Windows Power User

This step of the installation process is very simple, but it is imperative to write down or remember what you enter here. In the top box where you enter your name, a username will appear in the second box based on the name that you entered. At this point, you can change the username if you don't care for the one provided. Whether you go with the suggested username or input your own, don't forget it. You are going to need to know your username and password for more than just logging in.

The next two boxes are for your password. If your password contains unacceptable characters, then you will be prompted to re-enter it. If your password is deemed too weak, a dialog box will appear, providing suggestions for increasing the security of your password. If you wish, you can ignore it and click Continue.

Below the password fields is the box to enter the name of the computer. This is the name that will identify your system on a network. If you have multiple PCs on your network, then you may want to change the default computer name from "username-desktop" to another, more descriptive name. The final option in this step of the installation is to choose whether to go to a login screen, where you will be prompted for your user name and password, or to go directly to the desktop. If you are planning on multiple users or your computer is in a public location, you should check the box next to "Require a password to log in." If you are the sole user and no one else has physical access to your computer, checking the box next to "Log in automatically" will save you some boot time. When finished, click Forward.

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