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Step 6 Of 7

Desktop Linux For The Windows Power User

Step 6 of 7 is the "Migrate documents and settings" function, which is an optional files- and settings-transfer wizard. This step will be skipped unless you have another operating system already installed.

If you are installing Ubuntu as the only operating system, then you will go directly to step 7 of 7.

If you have an active Windows installation, it will prompt you to transfer files and settings from Windows user accounts to Ubuntu. You can check any of the boxes under each user account to transfer those files or settings to your new Ubuntu installation. If you check the box next to a user account name, it will select all the options for that account. If you backed up everything beforehand (which you should have already done) and don't care to use this wizard, you can just skip this step by clicking Forward without checking any boxes.

I had no problem transferring the contents of the My Documents, My Pictures, and My Music folders. The wallpaper and user-picture files did transfer, but wouldn't open. Most surprisingly, the Internet Explorer favorites transferred flawlessly to Mozilla Firefox bookmarks. Transferring browser bookmarks alone makes this step worthwhile.

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