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Maintaining Contacts, Calling, And Messaging

The Windows Phone 7.5 Review, A Month-Long Experience

Maintaining Contacts

WP7 provides easy-to-access information about your contacts. When you click on the "People" tile from the home screen, you immediately see a news feed of your contacts' latest activity on Twitter and Facebook. Swipe to the left, and you're presented with tiles for people you recently contacted. Swipe left again, and you'll see a directory of all contacts.

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The "Me" section of the "People" tile provides a convenient way to update your own social media status, check into Bing or Facebook places, and set your Facebook chat status. You can pin individual contacts to the home screen; their tile images are their profile pictures.

Windows Phone 7.5: Contacts

Contact management continues to be a challenge, regardless of the mobile operating system. Microsoft takes large strides to make connectivity across multiple networks less overwhelming in WP7. For example, you can either manually enter contacts, or import them using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. If you have a contact on multiple networks, you can link the accounts so that the person's information appears under a single card. You can also sort contacts into groups, which allows you to see information from a particular group on a single page.

Calling & Messaging

Windows Phone 7.5: Calling & Messaging (SMS)

Updated with Microsoft's Metro UI, the look at feel of calling and messaging in WP7 is impressively clean.


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