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Whether you're interested in games, CGI movies, or the latest hardware to push your pixels, Tom's Hardware provides you with the latest news in graphics.


This month, we fill in the blanks on Nvidia's re-branded budget-oriented graphics card line-up, including multiple versions of the GeForce GT 730 and 740. We also lay out the price changes that happened (both...


We already have a really good idea how desktop-bound graphics cards perform. But what about the mobile hardware typically derived from those same GPUs? We test four identically-configured notebooks and show how...

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news - JULY 10 21

A list published by lists GTA V with unconfirmed AMD Mantle support.

Tutorial - JULY 5

1. Unplug your monitor from the power, as well as the signal cable from the computer. 2. Moisten (not dripping)...

news - JUNE 25 23

PC-World claims that Intel has approached AMD asking for access to the Mantle API.

news - JUNE 23 26

Nvidia has used an old trick to compress video images in order to get a 60 Hz 4K signal over the limited HDMI 1.4 interfaces on Kepler cards.

news - JUNE 20 8

On Wednesday, Adobe announced the 2014 update to their Creative Cloud suite and their expanded mobile offerings, including the Ink & Slide stylus ('pen') and ruler.

news - JUNE 17 86

We're giving away a graphics card from AMD and entering couldn't be easier!

news - JUNE 7 33

With the extra computing overhead required to make the Kinect work on the Xbox One, the higher price point and the weaker performance on Microsoft's console, it was only a matter of time before the Xbox One...

news - JUNE 6 17

The long-sought single-slot high-performance graphics solution?

news - MAY 14 31

Hooray! The open G-Sync alternative has made its way to DisplayPort standards.

news - APRIL 29 0

The oh-so-shiny Elemental tech demo of the Unreal Engine 4 can now be run on your PC.

news - APRIL 11 24

Rumor has it that VESA has accepted AMD's proposal to implement FreeSync.

news - APRIL 10 7

Sapphire is taking packaging to the next level for AMD's dual Hawaii card.

news - FEBRUARY 26 84

It looks like AMD's Mantle won't be the only low-level API for long.

news - FEBRUARY 3 88

Drivers are now available for public download.

news - FEBRUARY 1 103

And they're almost ready for download! Almost.

news - JANUARY 30 73

The wait for Mantle is (almost) over.

news - JANUARY 21 7

Just last week we got word that Nvidia's first Maxwell card was just a couple of weeks away, and now we've got our first appearance of Maxwell in online listings.

news - JANUARY 19 75

Could we see our first Maxwell card in just a few weeks?

news - JANUARY 17 71

Ready for some DIY?

news - JANUARY 13 9

Big air and slim water support PowerColor's R9 overclocks.