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Graphics - Page 6


Whether you're interested in games, CGI movies, or the latest hardware to push your pixels, Tom's Hardware provides you with the latest news in graphics.

news - AUGUST 7 11

ARM has releases the second generation of Mali T600 processors.

news - AUGUST 7 35

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved a patent application by Nvidia that described a switch between integrated and discrete graphics in a single computer system -- or what we know as Optimus.

reviews - AUGUST 6 57

Gigabyte’s Radeon HD 7970 Super Overclock is huge, heavy, overclocked, and very different-looking. Its Windforce 5X cooler employs five 40 mm fans. We benchmark the card, spend some time tweaking it, and...

news - AUGUST 5 57

Following a first leak of the 660 Ti courtesy of TweakTown, which is on a mission to break release dates to get Nvidia's attention, we recently got confirmation the card is, in fact, on its way to stores.

news - AUGUST 1 14

Nvidia is reportedly putting the finishing touches on its GTX 650 graphics card. Based on a GK107 chip, the card is rumored to be released on September 17.

reviews - AUGUST 1 39

Are you tired of gaming notebooks that have to be tethered to a power outlet? We test Eurocom’s Racer 2.0 to see if its combination of a 22 nm Intel-based CPU and 28 nm graphics processor from Nvidia can help...

news - JULY 31 47

Nvidia is set to release its next Kepler-base GPU, the GTX 660 Ti, on or around August 16th.

news - JULY 30 60

There is new speculation surrounding AMD's new high-end graphics card, the HD7990.

news - JULY 30 16

Shih-Wei Sun, CEO of United Microelectronics (UMC), believes that there is an increasing opportunity for foundries in the area of advanced process technologies.

reviews - JULY 26 60

The good news is that it’s possible to cool AMD’s flagship Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition to less than 75 degrees Celsius under full load, maintaining a quiet 32 dB(A) at the same time. The bad news? It'll cost...

news - JULY 24 64

It is no secret that AMD's board of directors and new executive ranks have plans to change the company into something very different that what the company once was. However, the pace at which former key staff...

news - JULY 21 1

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news - JULY 20 25

Apple has made another high profile hire as the company convinced John Bruno to move from Canada to California.

news - JULY 19 28

Check out a sneak peek at Gigabyte's customized and overclocked Radeon HD 7970.

news - JULY 18 70

AMD is set to cut the prices of its Radeon HD 7000 series GPUs... Let the Price Wars Continue!

news - JULY 16 27

Intel and AMD are due to report their second quarter earnings this week.

news - JULY 16 33

The Ouya team is now working with Nvidia to optimize the Android console for Tegra 3.

news - JULY 14 76

The Internet rumor mill has turned up another new Nvidia card.

news - JULY 14 34

Nvidia has suspended forum operations in order to investigate an unauthorized breach.

news - JULY 13 83

Seemingly backing up the recent Xbox 720 documents, a patent describes a dual-system console that can be customized like a PC.

news - JULY 11 12

A Chinese website reports that Nvidia is thinking about extending its $199 tablet strategy to smartphones.

news - JULY 11 0

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news - JULY 9 32

Nvidia confirmed that it has the first set of WHQL-certified Windows 8 drivers for its desktop graphics cards available.

news - JULY 7 78

Look what we've got sitting in our lab!

news - JULY 4 5

Check out the latest updates in our charts from June 2012.

news - JULY 2 24

AMD has updated its Catalyst graphics driver suite to version 12.6.