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Graphics - Page 7


Whether you're interested in games, CGI movies, or the latest hardware to push your pixels, Tom's Hardware provides you with the latest news in graphics.

reviews - JUNE 22 269

After watching its Radeon HD 7970 get outperformed first by Nvidia's GeForce GTX 680, and then its 670, AMD is striking back with higher clocks and a new driver that hits the afterburners in several games. But...

news - JUNE 21 11

ARM announced a new version of its Mali GPU architecture. The new 450 MP model is positioned above the existing 400 MP product and promises twice the performance of that chip.

news - JUNE 20 76

Nvidia's approach to support or not support driver development for Linux has been questioned for some time. So, Linus Torvalds' recent attack on Nvidia was not exactly surprising. Nvidia's answer is not...

news - JUNE 19 16

Nvidia released its GeForce 304.48 Beta driver with game-specific performance improvements, and fixes for bugs related to recently launched hardware.

news - JUNE 19 56

During a Q&A session at Aalto University in Finland, Linus Torvalds describes Nvidia as being a major trouble spot for Linux, before suddenly turning to the camera with his middle-finger extended and a message...

news - JUNE 18 87

A leaked document has provided us with a heap of information about the upcoming Xbox 720.

news - JUNE 18 18

Opera has released version 12 of its web browser.

reviews - JUNE 18 72

With Nvidia's GeForce GTX 670 readily available for $400, AMD's Radeon HD 7950 shifts to the upper middle class of graphics card performance. We test six third-party interpretations in anticipation of pricing...

news - JUNE 15 1

Here are today's hot deals to help ring in the weekend.

news - JUNE 13 3

We're live here in Bellevue, WA bringing you live updates of the latest from AMD and its partners.

news - JUNE 13 30

Get ready for Eyefinity signage, perhaps even at your favourite fast food restaurant menus.

news - JUNE 12 9

Live from Bellevue, Washington at AFDS 2012.

news - JUNE 12 112

Given the transitional state of console gaming, the success of the Xbox 360/Kinect, and Nintendo's experiments with a new controller type, Sony will need something big for the PS4.

news - JUNE 11 23

Lucidlogix shows off its virtual GPU technology.

news - JUNE 11 29

Sapphire demonstrates its new, passively cooled HD 7770 Ultimate graphics card at Computex.

news - JUNE 10 41

Better than reference, says Sapphire.

news - JUNE 10 14

MSI's at Computex and we see what they have to share.

news - JUNE 10 52

Unreal Engine 4 sure is purdy!

news - JUNE 9 83

A quintuplet of fans.

news - JUNE 8 41

Get possessed with Powercolor's Devil13 card.

news - JUNE 8 33

Asus is demonstrating the first add-in card to extend its motherboards with Thunderbolt support.

reviews - JUNE 5 118

Afox sent us its rendition of the new GeForce GT 640, based on Nvidia's GK107 GPU. This one slots in under the existing GeForce GTS 450 to do battle with AMD's Radeon HD 6670. Does the Kepler architecture...

news - JUNE 4 9

Consumers looking for a new notebook will find Nvidia's latest mobile GPU in Origin PC's two gaming notebooks.

news - JUNE 4 72

AMD is no longer releasing new Catalyst drivers each month.

news - MAY 20 5

Eric Demers, who lost his job as chief technology officer at AMD in February of this year, is joining Qualcomm.

news - MAY 18 68

Nvidia provides an official response to the reported v-sync stuttering issue with its GeForce GTX 600 Series