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Processors - Page 4


Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.

news - FEBRUARY 8 14

Sports 5.3-inch 720 pixels display and a 3,000 mAh battery.

news - FEBRUARY 7 13

Firm made groundbreaking announcements during CES 2013.

news - FEBRUARY 7 21

Tegra 4 adopted by only one firm so far.

news - FEBRUARY 6 62

More information has been revealed regarding the launch dates of AMDs upcoming APUs and CPUs.

news - FEBRUARY 6 5

The XS version of Zotac's ZBOX nano Series of mini-PCs now sports AMD's Brazos 2.0 platform.

news - FEBRUARY 5 4

Five handsets to launch alongside the Galaxy S4 during the first half of 2013.

news - FEBRUARY 4 9

New phone is powered by Intel Atom processor Z2420.

news - FEBRUARY 4 7

New smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks using Intel processors to be unveiled at the event.

reviews - FEBRUARY 4 93

When it comes to gaming, the integrated Radeon on AMD's Trinity architecture crushes the HD Graphics 4000 engine native to Intel's fastest Ivy Bridge CPU. But we want to make a good thing better. How much does...

news - FEBRUARY 2 13

Sources seem to be jumping the gun a bit, saying Tegra 4 is slow to attract tablet and smartphone makers.

news - FEBRUARY 1 105

The guys at have managed to get a hold on an engineering sample of a Haswell CPU and ran some benchmarks on it.

news - FEBRUARY 1 2

After serving nearly 17 years at Qualcomm, William "Bill" Keitel is retiring.

news - JANUARY 31 5

Generated revenues of $6.02 billion.

news - JANUARY 31 50

This year Intel's 'Brickland' platform is to arrive, starting with Ivy Bridge-EX and continuing on to Haswell-EX and later Broadwell-EX server CPUs.

news - JANUARY 31 27

A new price point for a Zambezi based part on the Bulldozer architecture.

news - JANUARY 30 17

Question is, can we play PC games on it?

news - JANUARY 29 9

While we can already expect mobile Haswell chips around Q2 2013, more information has been released regarding the cheaper Celeron CPUs.

news - JANUARY 29 83

More details emerge on AMD's next generation of APUs codenamed 'Richland,' which will be released during Q2 2013.

news - JANUARY 29 10

Nvidia may provide reference designs for smartphones and tablets.

news - JANUARY 28 21

Apple is seemingly working on new product for the low end market.

news - JANUARY 28 7

Also sports LTE connectivity and NFC, which is lacking in other models.

news - JANUARY 26 42

New plant will have more than 244,000 square meters.

news - JANUARY 25 64

The PlayStation 4 spec list has been refreshed thanks to Orbis documentation and the development kit.

news - JANUARY 24 36

More details emerge on AMD's next generation of APUs codenamed 'Richland', which will be released during Q2 2013.

reviews - JANUARY 24 166

AMD and Intel continue serving up increasingly faster CPUs. But graphics card performance is accelerating even faster. Is there still such a thing as processor-bound gaming? We take two Radeon HD 7970s,...

news - JANUARY 23 44

Semiconductor firm reported net loss of nearly half a billion dollars during 2012's fourth quarter.