Building Project Menhir: A Vertical Case Made of Aluminum and Wood

Finishing the Wood

In the renders I showed you at the beginning, the wooden parts were black, because my initial plan was to actually paint them black. I discarded that idea when I saw the case in real life and decided I liked the bare wood look.

I still needed to make it pop a bit more though, so I used an Osmo oil-wax finish to give a warmer look and satin finish.

Building Project Menhir

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

The difference between before and after was huge!

So I did this to every wooden part, and then I was ready for the final assembly.

Power Button and Final Assembly

The last panel I had to make was a cover plate made out of 2mm aluminum, to mount on top of the 8mm case plate, since there were a whole bunch of mounting holes that didn’t really look appealing. Since I hadn’t found a good placement for the power button yet, I decided to put it here, so it’s subtle enough and almost invisible while looking at the whole build.

The last step of assembly was to make the tubing, but since I designed a tailor-made distro plate, it was a very straight forward process, with easy 90 degree bends and parallel runs.

Building Project Menhir

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

I filled it with opaque light blue coolant that was only used for the photoshoot and then replaced with a clear blue coolant, since the opaque one wasn’t very good for prolonged use.

It was now time to install the software and then shoot the final photos!

Final Photos and Specs

Menhir is finally up and running. I hope you enjoyed going through the process! See you in the next project feature or tutorial.

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MotherboardAsrock H370m/ITX-AC
CPUIntel Core i5-9400F
SSDOCPC Black Label m.2 1TB
GPUAsus RTX 2070 Super ROG Strix + Alphacool Waterblock
PSUSeasonic SGX-650
CablesCableMod Custom Pro Cables
WatercoolingFull Alphacool Watercooling
  • JoBalz
    What a beautiful custom case! I love the look of the wood against the aluminum. The decision to stain the wood instead of painting the wood black was the right choice. Otherwise, why bother using wood just to paint it!
  • passivecool
    Hey Allessandro, may i suggest Robinia pseudoacacia ? grown in SE Europe, extremely hard, quick growing, nice structure, low warping etc and I have very good results in fine cnc milling structures. I admire your work and would be interested in creating environmentally friendly and visually striking cases. Will send an email.