"Save HD DVD" Petition Garners Thousands Of Signatures

Over 13,000 signatures have endorsed a "save HD DVD" petition less than three weeks after it was first put online.

The petition opened up after Warner Home Video decided to drop HD DVD support and move to Blu-ray exclusively. Warner released a subsequent statement saying that the consumer has chosen Blu-ray as the victor.

"I'm starting this petition in order to support HD-DVD and hopefully save it, and to show Warner Brothers that the consumer has not 'clearly' chosen Blu-Ray," wrote the petition instigator.

Many feel that there is no hope left for HD DVD and that Blu-ray's early immense lead will carry it through to win the format war. Two weeks ago, Blu-ray outsold HD DVD by six to one.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the petition was at over 13,500 signatures. Users can view it here.