Intel, Samsung, Toshiba Team For 10nm Chips

We love smaller chips. With every advancement in manufacturing process we get more speed for less power.

Intel, Samsung and Toshiba are banding together to tackle the big task of getting chips down to a 10nm semiconductor line width.

Such a task, would be huge for one company alone, and even the trio will be inviting more to the team to help. The three companies will form a consortium and will invite about 10 more companies into the group.

Japan will be helping out too, with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry expected to provide around 5 billion yen ($61.21 million) of the roughly 10 billion yen in initial funds for the R&D efforts, according to Reuters.

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  • IMAC
    One thing is for sure AMD is out of their list. :( Well hope AMD forms it´s own alliance and both race for the 10nm goal.
  • lauxenburg
    H0LY BALLS. That's small. That's like half the size of a virus.
    Awesome, can't wait!
  • Other Comments
    Awesome, can't wait!
  • halodude23
    If you can provide smaller chips, why not lower the prices of the 25 nm hard drives and 45 nm e.t.c?
  • Haserath
    We've gotten to the point that companies have to start working together to make the transistors smaller. That must mean we're at the point that it is getting close to the end for the transistor to get smaller, but maybe they'll come up with a breakthrough that will keep us going for some years to come.