3dRudder’s New $99 Price Point Is A Lot More Palatable

3dRudder announced a significant price reduction to the standard 3dRudder foot-based controller. You can now get your feet into the game for under $100.

The 3dRudder foot-based input device hit the market in late 2016 with a $179 price tag. At that price, the controller was somewhat of a hard sell. Especially when, at the time, it wasn’t supported natively by any games or applications.

These days, it’s not a matter of compatibility that’s keeping potential customers away. The 3dRudder is now natively compatible with several games, including Robo Recall, The Blu, Arizona Sunshine, and, most recently, Dead Effect 2. You can also use the 3dRudder in many SteamVR and Oculus games that don’t offer native support for the device.

Now that the 3dRudder is supported in a wide variety of games and applications, 3dRudder is ready to share its hardware with a much bigger audience. The company reduced the price of its foot-controller to make the device more attractive to average consumers. At $179, the 3dRudder wasn’t unattainable, but you would need a good reason to buy one for that price. As of today, 3dRudder reduced the asking price by $80 to bring it below the $100 mark, which is much easier to swallow. This new price also makes a lot more sense given the introduction of the upcoming 3dRudder Blackhawk, which includes foot straps and will be available for $139 later this year.

With the introduction of the $99 price point, 3dRudder now offers three price tiers for what amounts to the same hardware. The consumer device includes the controller and the 3dRudder Dashboard software. The company also offers two packages for professionals: the 3dRudder Business Edition for $179, which includes access to the 3dRudder SDK, and the $279 3dRudder Design Edition (formerly CAD edition), which includes the SDK and a license for the company’s CAD plugin. 

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.