3DRudder Now Compatible With Mobile VR

3DRudder announced that its foot-based VR locomotion controller is now compatible with the Samsung GearVR mobile HMD and Google Cardboard devices.

3DRudder first caught our attention in December 2014, and then we had a chance to try a prototype version of its foot controller in January 2015. The device is a simple to use locomotion peripheral that lets you control your in-game movements with your feet. The controller lets you move side to side, front and back, and turn in either direction, and it will even let you move up and down if the software supports it. 3DRudder originally designed the controller to work with the PC, but the company saw the potential in the mobile VR market and developed a new software update the adds compatibility for android-based mobile VR.

We spoke with Stanislas Chesnais, the CEO of 3DRudder, and he explained that the updated version of 3DRudder Manager will let you remap the axis assignments to make the device compatible with Android. In the software, you’ll find a "Re-Mapping" tab that will let you select between pre-configured profiles. The 3DRudder comes pre-configured with the "OS Windows" profile, but the new version will let you select "Samsung Gear," as well

The 3DRudder announcement focused on Samsung’s Gear VR, but while Chesnais was explaining how the profile remapping works, he told us that it works on the Gear VR "and actually any other Android-based Cardboard." The 3DRudder should also work with Google Daydream devices, but the company hasn't had the opportunity to verify that yet.

The 3DRudder doesn’t have a Bluetooth antenna built in, so you will need to plug the hardware into the device. A simple Micro USB to female USB dongle will do the trick.

Currently, there are only a few experiences that work with the 3DRudder. You can navigate the Oculus Store, and you can control the Netflix app. The Night Café app is also compatible with 3DRudder, though not designed for that kind of input. Some games will also work, but they may still require a Bluetooth gamepad to function. VR Karts is one such example.

The 3DRudder Manage software will be available on the company’s website. The site has not yet been updated with the new download link, but it should be available later today.

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