New Details Uncovered on AMD Richland APUs

Just like the current Trinity APUs, the Richland APU's will drop right into the existing FM2 socket. A total of six models will be released, amongst which four are quadcore and two are dualcore. The x86 cores of the APUs will be built from either one or two 'Enhanced Piledriver' modules, which will be fabricated using a 32nm production process.

Two of the quadcores will have a TDP of 100W, while the rest of the APUs will have a TDP of 65W. The two quadcores with a 65W TDP will have a downclocked GPU to reduce power consumption. The quadcore chips will come packed with either a Radeon HD 8670D GPU or an HD 8570D GPU, whilst the dualcores will sport an HD 8470D or an HD 8370D GPU.

The A85X chipset that is found on current socket FM2 motherboards supports four USB 3.0 ports, 14 USB 2.0 ports, six SATA3 ports, and of course DDR3 memory.

No information is available yet regarding an exact release date or pricing.

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A10-6800K4Radeon HD 8670D100W
A8-6600K4Radeon HD 8570D100W
A10-67004Radeon HD 8670D65W
A8-65004Radeon HD 8570D65W
A6-6400K2Radeon HD 8470D65W
A4-63002Radeon HD 8370D65W
Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • wannabepro
    I wonder when they'll bring out 22nm processors.
  • tpi2007
    This news doesn't really bring anything new to the table. At 32nm the same TDP is expected, and model numbers are meaningless. We don't learn anything that is important.

    What exactly do enhanced Piledriver cores have for enhancements ? I'm not talking about an IMC with support for faster RAM, I'm talking about the CPU cores themselves. Is it just clocked faster, like at 4 Ghz, or will it have any sort of architectural enhancements ?

    What about the GCN cores ? How many of them and at what clockspeed (I've read 800 Mhz somewhere) ?

    Without these two things, we don't know anything about what to expect for performance compared to the current Piledriver Ax-5xxx series.
  • zooted
    They made a good 10-15% ipc performance from bulldozer core to piledriver, if we are lucky they will achieve the same. I hope they continue this trend, if so they might actually stand a chance in the future. (Fingers crossed)
  • jdwii
    Agreed, expect less then 10% improvement on the CPU on average maybe even less, As for the GPU well i'm sure we wont see anything to special, Amd is being really quiet and they always do that when their is nothing to see
  • redeemer
    The beauty of FM2 and AM3+
  • scannall
    I recently purchased a new laptop with the A8-4500m. (Trinity) And it has really impressed me with it's performance for the price. And getting better is always good.
  • edgewood112358
    I am actually pretty enthusiastic about AMD's prospects. I recently put together a Trinity A8 system, which is quite snappy and games surprisingly well for a $350 PC... for the vast majority of customers and entry level gamers an A8 or A10 is all they need at the moment. Even if their desktop processors aren't so competitive with intel, their APU's are, in both the mobile and desktop space.

    Throw in the low power Kabini and Temash SoC's that AMD is developing, which give them the possibility of piggybacking on the rise in popularity of tablets (either android or windows 8), and the impending release of the HD 8000 series, and I think AMD has the potential to do very well in the next couple years.
  • zooted
    jdwiiAmd is being really quiet and they always do that when their is nothing to seeWhen they over-hype something, they release Bulldozer =
  • anxiousinfusion
    Tom's forgot to mention anything about the bump up to 2133 mhz DDR3 for Richland. That, alone, will boost iGPU performance.
  • Nin10dO
    Hmm, the early rumors said something about a 28nm die. I'm desperate to know what the GPU's will perform on par with.