Richland-based AMD Athlon X4 FM2 CPUs Launched

It appears that AMD has silently launched a new series of processors based on the Richland architecture. These CPUs are the new Athlon X4 CPUs that will work in the FM2 socket. The only difference between these chips and the Richland APUs, though, is that they do not feature the integrated graphics part. The chips feature higher clock speeds, and a number of them come with unlocked multipliers -- clearly, they target consumers who want the cheaper parts though have no intention of using the integrated graphics. Obviously, use of the chip will require a discrete graphics card.

The top of the line Athlon X4 760K comes in two flavors: a 760K version and a 760K Black Edition version. The two chips are nearly identical, with the only exception being that the Black Edition chip, as is typical from AMD, features an unlocked multiplier. They both feature a clock speed of 3.8 GHz, a boost speed of 4.1 GHz, and pack four cores. They also feature the same 100 W TDP as the A10-6800 part. The Black Edition chip is priced at around $130 while the standard 760K chip will cost around $100.

Other FM2 Athlon 'Richland'-based chips are expected later down the line.

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  • jessterman21
    Wait, two flavors - one is unlocked? Then what the hell does the -K signify?
  • de5_Roy
    wth. what happened to previous convention of -k suffix for unlocked multiplier? for $30 more?! these should be priced under $90 imo.
    looks like a ploy to confuse and trick interested buyers into getting a locked cpu.
  • whiteodian
    Black Editions have been the unlocked ones as far as I know. Intel uses the K to signify unlocked. I wonder if they will make some new Phenoms.