AOC Announces its 35-inch 1440p 200Hz HDR 1000 G-SYNC Monitor

(Image credit: AOC)

We’ve reached out to AOC’s PR team for a US price and availability and will update this article accordingly once they respond.

AOC has just announced the launch of its latest AGON AG353UCG monitor. Debuting this February in Europe with a retail price of £2,159 it’s spec list is seriously impressive. With a 35-inch 1800R curved form factor, 10-bit VA panel with included Quantum Dot tech, a 200 Hz refresh rate, 2ms G2G response time, HDR 1000 Support (meaning 1000 nits of peak brightness), an impressive 2500:1 static contrast ratio courtesy of 512 local dimming zones, and of course G-Sync Ultimate as standard, if there’s a tech out there for monitors, it’s likely baked into the AG353UCG in some way.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a screen with a spec list quite like this, in fact Asus announced its ROG Swift PG35VQ last year and Acer also has the Predator X35 currently on pre-order with exactly the same panel, albeit in a different shroud, the big difference is on price. AOC will sell you this entire setup for £2,159, in fact we’ve seen some retailers list it as low as £2000. As for the competition, Acer’s Predator X35 is currently listed at £2,200 / $2,180, and Asus’s PG35VQ comes in at a hefty £2,460 / $2,500 for an identical spec albeit with a different frame/levels of RGB.

(Image credit: AOC)


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Panel Size35-inch
Native Resolution3440x1440
Pixel Density106.55 PPI
Panel TypeVA, 10-bit
Maximum Refresh200 Hz
Response2ms G2G
Display InputsDisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0(b)
VESA Mount100x100
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  • grimfox
    Thanks for putting the price right at the top. That's a major selling point for me. As in I'm not sold on that price. I could get a 2080ti and a decent 55" tv for that price. Or better a 2080S and a darn good 65" OLED TV for that price.
  • Tanquen
    Please make one that's flat and not super wide some of us do other things than game. :(
  • Bastard2k
    Tanquen said:
    Please make one that's flat and not super wide some of us do other things than game. :(

    I just went throught this shoppping for ultrawides... ended up returning the one i got and getting a 300$ TCL 43" 4k TV. You have to have rocks in your head to pay this much for a damn computer screen.
  • gio2vanni86
    Seems legit. I still like the Asus one better. But as many mention price is hefty. I thought my 34 100hz gsync was too much money at 1.3k. Almost double the price for just HDR 1 inch more and about 100hz more. Almost thinking about getting the 77 inch LG which is compatible with gsync and just saying it was the right choice. Might not be Ultimate experience but i'll walk away with more then double the retail space. Still though, not all games will be good on a big screen. Decisions decisions.