ASRock Crams CrossFire and SLI in One Board

As if giving Nvidia the middle finger or slapping the graphics company in the face, ASRock managed to make ATI CrossFire cards run on Nvidia SLI motherboards.

A flyer straight out of CeBIT 2009 shows what must be a sign of the apocalypse, or as Bill Murray described in Ghostbusters, "dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!" And honestly, by the looks of ASRock's freshly distributed flyer, Nvidia employees may actually be seen running for cover on the convention floor, breaking out holy talismans. Why? ASRock hasn't created a monster or resurrected demons, it did the unthinkable.

It managed to run ATI CrossfireX graphics cards on an Nvidia SLI motherboard.

It's no monstrosity, an at this moment, ASRock is sporting the incredible configuration in Booth Hall 21, Stand C40. The company is using the N7AD-SLI, based on Nvidia's nforce 740i SLI chipset flashed with an altered BIOS update. To show the motherboard's versatility, the company kicks off the demonstration with two EEN9600GT cards running in the SLI configuration. Then, as if by magic, ASRock representatives removed the cards and replace them with two ATI 4850 graphics cards running in ATI CrossFireX mode.

So what does this mean for the average Joe? Not a whole lot, but gamers and power-hungry consumers not wanting to be locked into one technology may very well be liberated by ASRock's "secret weapon." Stay tuned as more info regarding this revelation seep out of CeBIT!

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  • jerreece
    I like this idea frankly. It means a person can get a motherboard that supports their CPU, and then buy any video card they wish. Much better flexibility to the end user in my opinion.
  • IronRyan21
    Its definitley a plus!
  • kyeana
    Very good!

    Still it would have been much nicer if it came before the x58 which runs both already