Intel Developing an Adaptive All-In-One PC Standard

The launch of Lenovo’s IdeaCenter Horizon PC certainly piqued our curiosity since it seemed to combine the characteristics of a tablet with a standard all-in-one PC to provide an experience that was reminiscent of the 2007 demo of Microsoft’s Surface Table PC.

According to a report from DigiTimes, Intel clearly sees promise in this kind of computer and has begun promoting a standard for an “adaptive all-in-one PC” that it hopes will triple the sales of AIO PCs in 2008 by the end of 2013.

Intel’s Adaptive AIO computers share “a similar industrial design as standard all-in-one PCs, but have an internal battery, letting users carry them around. The devices also feature high-end specifications and a large-size touch panel to allow interactions between multiple users for gaming or art.” More specifically, the company suggests the following base specifications:

  • A screen size of between 18.4” to 27” with PMMA touch panels
  • Industrial design that allows it to lay completely flat
  • Based on Thin Mini-ITX form factor motherboards
  • Use of magnesium-aluminum alloy for the chassis
  • Use of high-density lithium-polymer batteries

In addition to the Lenovo Ideacenter Horizon, the Dell XPS 18 and Sony Tap 20 would all seem to meet Intel’s specifications and could consequently be classified as adaptive AIOs. Taking into account the subsidies and supply guarantees Intel has provided to support Ultrabook manufacturers, we fully expect the company to unveil a similar program for Adaptive AIOs and to see far more OEMs developing Adaptive AIO PCs.

  • oj88
    a.k.a. A large screen tablet.
    For sales to soar, you will need:
    -27" Screen - Gorilla Glass 3
    -Wireless 802.11ac
    -2 TB HDD
    -mCard Plug-in port to record TV / Coax for TV Tuner
    -Ability to share media from one to the other as if it's like the XBOX 360
    -All the current ports: VGA/DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort/Thunderbolt (Falcon Ridge)/USB 3.0
    -12 MP HD Webcam
  • merikafyeah
    IdeaCenter Horizon is too big. Tap 20 is way too heavy. XPS 18 looks amazing and I would totally buy one if I wasn't so torn between that or a smaller Thinkpad Helix with 10-hour battery life. Both of which are supposedly out in May this year.
    I am actually excited about hardware again. For the first time in a long time.
  • velocityg4
    Actually it would be nice if their was a standardized form factor for all the components in an all in one. That way a do it yourselfer could easily make their own all in one and get to pick and choose all components. The same should be done for regular laptops, giant gaming laptops and ultrabooks.
    I can't think of how many times there has been a feature missing from a laptop I would like or only being able to get certain features with a bunch of expensive parts or bulk I don't want.
  • ceh4702
    I thought Intel also wanted to use all BGA (Ball Grid Array) motherbords with the processor soldered to the motherbord. Why not solder on the memory and the SSD as well!
  • greghome
    Say Hello to the Samsung Galaxy Table......
  • falchard
    I thought for sales to soar you would need an AMD in that thing.
  • digiex
    I need a tablet that floats/levitate when falling, I'm a bit clumsy in handling delicate things... Can you do that Intel?
  • mapesdhs
    Cool, even more fingerprints to gawp at, because gamers love that when they're playing...

  • upgrade_1977
    Now all they need to do is create a remote desktop so that you can game in it using your pc like nvidia's shield. That would support both the tablet and desktop pc's.