Amazon UK Introduces £10 Minium for Free Delivery

Free shipping. Two of our favourite words when it comes to online shopping. Unfortunately for Amazon users in the UK, there's now a £10 minimum order before you can avail of free shipping. Amazon introduced the new rule just this week and sent out an email to users informing them of the change in service.

"We're writing to you because you've previously used our Free Super Saver Delivery service," the letter reads. "We wanted to let you know that has introduced a £10 minimum spend to qualify for Free Super Saver Delivery in a number of product categories, effective 23 July 2013."

It's not a hard rule, though. If you're buying books, DVDs, Blu-rays, music, video games or software, you'll still for Free Super Saver Delivery even if you're spending under £10. Any order that contains any of these items will also not be subjected to the minimum threshold (Amazon gives the example of a book and a HDMI cable totaling less than £10). 

Amazon didn't elaborate on why it's putting this new policy in place except to say that it would allow the company to offer customers 'a significantly expanded selection of lower priced products.' Also no word if the same policy will be rolled out in other markets or if it is exclusive to the UK.

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  • guru_urug
    Typo in the title
  • Mike Friesen
    In the title!?! C'mon, tom's.
  • kartu
    German amazon had 20 Euro minimum req for ages.