Apple's Yearly Profits Surmounts Entire PC Industry

Despite missing Wall Street Journal expectations for two successive quarters, Apple managed to acquire profits of $41.9 billion throughout the last four quarters.

According to figures deriving from Statista, that figure represents $7 billion more than the combined net profit of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo and eBay. It was previously revealed that the iPhone by itself managed to generate more revenue than all of Microsoft.

Apple's profits is double the combined $19.4 billion generated by computing firms Intel, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP and Dell. Consequently, the iPhone and iPad creator is twice as profitable as the entire PC industry.

Statista, which gained its statistics from official company filings, compared Apple with key smartphone and tablet rivals, but the Cupertino company is still the clear winner.

Samsung has seen its profits increase ten-fold during the past twelve months, but when it's combined with RIM, HTC, and Nokia, the total equates to just over a quarter of Apple's yearly earnings -- $12.8 billion.

Apple's total sales for 2012 has thus far equaled $156.5 billion, while its cash pile has reached $121.25 billion. It's currently the richest company on the planet.


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  • DearSX
    hahhahaahaha, Apple already won long ago. Even if the company declines now or in the near future, they are filthy rich.
  • echondo
    I don't understand how this is considered news. I don't care about the profits of the company, I care about the quality of the product and support service that the company provides.

    Apple doesn't have quality products and sure as Hell doesn't have quality support. In my opinion, Apple is one of the most rotten and wasteful companies I have ever seen. You know what I do with rotten apples? I throw them away, in the trash where they belong.
  • kracker
    One thing I know, Apple has many minions that they have tricked...

    Baaaa! Where's the new iSuck you said would be released? Baaaa