Microsoft's Collapsible Touch Mouse Now Available

We've seen a lot of Microsoft's touch-sensitive mouse, the Arc Touch Mouse. However, though Microsoft had formally announced the device, we had yet to be told when people could actually go out and purchase it. Microsoft would say no more than, "It ships early December."

Today, apparently. The Arc Touch Mouse is now available to purchase from Microsoft's seven brick and mortar retail stores. Costing $60, the peripheral is unique in that it flattens out for portability and pops back up when you're ready to use it again. Aside from that little feature, Microsoft is pushing the customizable capacitive touch strip and sensor pads that bring a touchpad-like experience to the device.

No word on when you'll be able to pick one up from other retailers, but if you're living near Scottsdale, Mission Viejo, Lone Tree, San Diego, Oak Brook, Bloomington or Bellevue you can get one today.



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  • stingstang
    I actually do live near Bloomington. A Bloomington, anyway. Not buying it, though. What's the selling point? There are more portable, and better functioning mice out there for less money.
  • tacoslave
    it looks REALLY uncomfortable
  • del35
    Ummm, too bad MS is not "our boy", or we would be hearing about this crap almost as much as we hear of similar efforts by crapple's US media's poster boy, Mr Jobs--The Super Con Artist.