Asus Eee Keyboard Shipping at End of April

Word on the street is that Asus' Eee Keyboard could start shipping at the end of this month. The price is projected to be somewhere between $400 and $600.

We saw this nifty little nettop at CES 2009. Originally scheduled for a June '09 launch, there's been so many delays since then that we've lost track of the device numerous times. Despite all that, we're still excited about seeing this device hit shelves. Packing an entire computer into just a keyboard, the device has been hailed as a great solution for those looking for a compact and discrete HTPC.

The Eee Keyboard will come in two flavors, one with wireless HDMI and one with wired HDMI.  It runs on Intel's Atom processor (1.6GHz), packs 1GB of RAM, the option for either a 16GB or 31GB SSD and replaces the numeric pad that usually lies to the right with a 5-inch touchscreen.

  • ca87
    At last? still not gonna buy one cos i don't see the point. all this(iPad, slate etc) is all gimmick
  • 2zao
    just a novelty item really... like maybe replace the laptop currently using by the couch for netflix to this which is easier to use from the couch...

    BUT in all reality... why spend 400-600 dollars when you could get an out preforming laptop for the same cost that does everything but the touchscreen....

    again just a novelty item
  • jackward
    What's the big deal, I had one of these back in the 80s, a VIC-20... (grin)
  • HansVonOhain
    Please do not delay it again Asus.
  • putting everything you need for a wireless htpc in the form factor of a keyboard and you don't see the point? social networking widgets in a TV is a gimmick. this a the harbinger of the future or home entertainment. once they simplify the connection process to a simple universal remote-style sync that the folks who are mystified by wifi can handle, it will take over. this is the future of the nettop. maybe not this particular machine, but this idea will be the centerpiece of everyone's living room. it will replace remote controls, DVRs, and blu ray/DVD players. it's either this or a tv with the internals on-board and a wireless keyboard or touchscreen device. either way i can't wait.
  • christopherknapp
    With specs like that it still won't run 1080p or Hulu Desktop ... and therefore is completely useless as a HTPC.

    I had an ASUS EB1501 for about a week before I became so frustrated at the fact that it couldn't even run 1080p video to my 42" LCD that I sold it on eBay.

    This type of device is "neat" but it serves no real purpose, at least not at this point anyhow.
  • cruiseoveride
    A $600 keyboard? Really? Asus, Did you guys drink too much Apple juice?
  • craxbaggins
    AHHH the 12 second .wav background music! It still kills me, why did I watch the video again?!