Asus ESC 1000 Powered By 960 Nvidia Cores

Talk about crazy: try building a supercomputer consisting of 960 Nvidia processing cores. That's what the madmen of Asus has done, a Frankenstein of the computer industry squashed into a desktop-sized form. In the end, Nvidia and Asus managed to squeeze out speeds of up to 1.1 teraflops--that's enough juice to run Crysis at its highest setting.

Will it be used for gaming? Probably after work hours, as the supercomputer is ideal for medical image manipulation, engineering, scientific research and other process-hogging applications. Under the hood, Asus' ESC 1000 uses Intel's LDA1366 Xeon W3580 microprocessor running at 3.33 GHz. Nvidia's 960 processing cores comprise of three Tesla c1060 computing processors and one Quadro FX 5800.

Additionally, the Asus supercomputer is housed in a 445-mm x 217.5-mm x 545-mm chassis. Other components include 24 GB of DDR3 1333 MHz DRAM, a 500 GB SATA II HDD, and a 1100W power supply. According to PC Advisor, the ESC 1000 will cost around $14,512 over a five-year period; the company would not provide pricing for individual units.

Asus said that the ESC 1000 will be available globally, and that the computers are now ready to ship.

  • HansVonOhain
    Damn, at a desktop size, that is incredible.

    After all this time, we finally conquer Crysis?
  • iLLz
    Each of those Nvidia cards (4) has four GB of RAM. Three Tesla cards and the Quadro. So that's 16 GB of RAM on cards alone and 24 GB of RAM for the system. That is insane.

    This is going to be one hell of SuperPC for folding! I want one so bad now just to play around with and experiment.
  • kyeana
    that's enough juice to run Crysis at its highest setting.

    So no "can it play crysis?" then? :o
  • scook9
    Crysis has been conquered since the 5870's came out :)

    3 of them will beat any game at MAX settings
  • But can it run Windows?
  • Just think, in another year or two, they'll have assembled another system which will be twice as powerful if not more so, in the same sized package!
  • Chipi
    Why do you have to mislead readers with this "960 Nvidia Cores" BS?
    It's not like it has 960 GPUs!
    A GPU shader or "thread processor" is in no way the equivalent of the term "core" used for CPUs
  • eklipz330
    uhh... do you mean 960 SP's?
  • mrddr6
    Um my $900 PC will run Crysis on full so how is that a "super computer"?